Demand for Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services

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T25 / D1

The 4 F´s: Food, feed, fibre, (bio)fuel

This research will strengthen the transtion towards a circular and biobased economy, by quantifying the societal demand of this transition for soil functions.... read more
T26 / D2

Regulating Ecosystem Services

Assessment and mapping of soil ecosystem services are prerequisites for sustainable management of natural resources, to optimize soil functions and services.... read more
T27 / D3

Urban / infrastructure land

This research will contribute to land use conflict resolution, the liveability of shrinking regions and villages, increased brownfield regeneration and land re-use, which will help save soils for other purposes.... read more
T28 / D4


Current and future water demand scenarios will enable more futureproof land use decision making to ensure the delivery of sufficient and clean water for future generations. ... read more
T29 / D5

Geological (and fossil) subsurface resources

This research will decrease the environmental and societal impact of resource recovery, decrease demand by promoting recycling and use of alternatives. It will contribute to the transition to a circular economy. ... read more
T30 / D6

Areas where Natural hazards are prevented

This research will reduce occurrence, duration and severity of natural hazards, by developing alternative land use management strategies that will increase the natural resilience to floods, fires, land subsidence, erosion and landslides.... read more
T31 / D7

Health and quality of life (living environment)

Research on the contribution of nature to health and well-being will allow for better spatial design to optimize these health benefits, especially with repsect to vulnerable groups in deprived areas.... read more