Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Supply

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T18 / NC-1

Quantity and quality of soils, health of soils, soil carbon, greenhouse gases

Land use conflicts may be resolved by sustainable land management concepts based on natural capital and multiple ecosystem services provided by the soil-sediment-water system.... read more
T19 / NC-2

Biodiversity, organismic and genetic resources

Biodiversiy loss will be halted when the societal benefits of biodiversity and ecosystems is quantified for different areas.... read more
T20 / NC-3

Water, water cycle

The delivery of the water demanded by society will become more stable and resilient to environmental and societal change, which will contribute to more safe, sustainable and healthy societies.... read more
T21 / NC-4

Pollutant degradation, filtering and immobilization capacity

We will be able to manage the legacy of soil contamination fom the past more cost-effectively and sustainably, with knowledge on the natural capacity of the SSW-system to detoxify contaminants.... read more
T22 / NC-5

Prevention of erosion and mudslides, natural hazards

This research will reduce the occurrence, duration and severity of natural hazards, by developing alternative land use management strategies that will increase the natural resilience to floods, fires, land subsidence, erosion and landslides.... read more
T23 / NC-6

Geological resources

This research will decrease the environmental and societal impact of resource recovery, and protect natural capital by promoting recycling and use of alternatives. It will contribute to the transition towards a circular economy. ... read more
T24 / NC-7

Intrinsic values of soils and landscapes

Aesthetic, cultural and social values of landscapes will be preserved better.... read more